Finalisation of the PAEPA MRU project

For three years COMINSUD has worked on the promotiion of Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation through the PAEPA MRU project. This project is has been finalized this week with a closing and reflection workshop.

We have collaborated with the African Development Bank (ADB), the Ministère de l’Eau et de l’Energie (MINEE), the Fonds Spécial d’Equipement et d’Intervention Intercommunale (FEICOM), the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and 20 councils from the South West Region (SWR) and the North West Region (NWR) of Cameroon for more than 3 years. We are proud to present the final results now:

  • We have assured the effective construction of 231 private Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) toilets for households that are expected to benefit 1,848 persons as well as 53 public VIP toilets in institutions (schools and health centers) that are expected to benefit about 1,500 users.
  • We have set up and trained 15 gender sensitive water management committees (180 persons) that will take up management of water for the benefit of about 11,250 people in some rural areas of the NWR and SWR.
  • We have assured the effective construction of 15 rural water supply systems having 150 stand taps for 11,250 people to guarantee their access to potable water.
  • The Gender Sensitive Complex in Widikum is effectively operating, employing 14 rural women and generating income for them as well as the community.

Stay in touch with us and find out what we will do next!