Areas of work

COMINSUD works in different areas concerning the development of Cameroon and especially the North West Region since 1996.
Our main focus is on good governance including land governance, political empowerment with a focus on women empowerment. Every year we are very active in the “16 days of activism against gender based violence” campaign. Inside this campaing but also in our projects and daily work we speak up for the implementation of human rights and gender equality.
We also empower youth to participate in decision making processes and be active in designing their own lifes and carreers.We support marginalized groups (e.g.  widows, disabled persons, HIV/AIDS infected persons) in knowing, speaking up for and defending their rights and having access to basic services.
For the area of food security, we have worked in agricultural projects, but also in initiatives promoting local food. We work with schools in Bamenda to promote the protection of environment and get access to potable water and clean toilet facilities (WASH) for every child.
Since 2014 we are partners of the Civil Peace Service Network Cameroon. Our objective is to enable communities to solve conflicts in a non-violent way.