COMINSUD welcomes her staff after one year fellowship program.

On Friday 23rd of September 2016, current Staff and Volunteers of COMINSUD organised a social event to welcome home her staff-Ngobesing Neh,who spent the last year from July 2015 to August 2016 as a volunteer under the weltwärts fellowship program organised by the Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). During this year,she was based at the head office of Brot-fur-die-Welt protestant development service located in Berlin-Germany.


Prior to the social event The Coordinator on Behalf of the staff expressed delight and satisfaction to welcome Linda Back to the organisation.He used the opportunity to encourage interns and volunteers to make the most of the platform which COMINSUD as a human development center offers to young people to explore their full potential.


In her own words,Linda expressed delight to be back and thankfulness for opportunities which she has had to improve her potential.

“I feel delighted to be back to an amazing team,who wouldn’t be?.Of course it was interesting to be away for one year experiencing another culture and society but also it feels good coming back to a results oriented, focused team of young professionals who are passionate about their work and do it well. Working at brot-fur-die-welt protestant development service equipped me with incredible knowledge and tools and exposed me to the next level of development service.I hope to continue to share,learn,grow and above all to serve the communities with even more passion.


Please introduce yourself!

COMINSUD exists in Cameroon since 20 years now. During this time a lot of people have worked for us and we have received many many applications from graduates and experienced persons applying for a job or an internship.
Unfortunately most often the applications do not give a good answer to the main question of the potential employer:

Why shall we hire you, what makes you unique and how can you be a great asset for us?

If a candidate is invited to an interview, most often s/he is not prepared with convincing answers to simple questions e.g. Why do you want to work for us? or Where do you want to be in your career in five years? None of the applicants had a strategically prepared introduction of him/herself.

Therefore we decided to offer a workshop on how to do the written application and how to prepare for a job interview.

On the first day, motivation letter and CV writing was the focus. Documents from the participants were analysed and improved on. But to know that one can also influence (or even pre-write) a recommendation letter given by a former employer was new to the participants.

The second day covered the preparation of the interview. With practical examples and a role play participants were made aware of Dos and Don’ts in the interview. Also questions from the employer were analyzed, because if one wants to give a convincing answer s/he must understand the “worry” behind each question.

Before the workshop 65 % of the participants stated that they have only few skills on how to write an application, while after the WS 94 % believed that they have most / all of the skills.
Before the training on job interviews, 90 % of the participants said, that they have only few skills on how to prepare for and go through an interview. After the training all the participant believed that they have most / all of the skills.

This is a promising result, and we hope to repeat this or similar workshops soon. If you or your group are/is interested in a training, please contact us through email: cominsud_ngo at

Stay with us to be informed.

COMINSUD at the Employment and Career Discovery Week

The National Employment Fund invited young workers, graduates and volunteers to the Employment and Career Discovery Week from 8th to 10th of February 2016. Enterprises and Job opportunities were presented, representatives from enterprises and organizations talked about the changing requirements on applicants and desired skills and qualifications.

COMINSUD was invited to introduce its application procedure and present a general overview about good quality application documents. We also used the opportunity to talk about our own experience with job seekers and the failures and traps that can happen during the application process.

The young people had many questions after our presentation:

“What answer can I give if I am asked to explain the reason for leaving the previous job?” or “What shall I do, if the work description does not fit the work I am actually doing?”

Some answers were given by other participants  and Mr. Fon Nsoh (COMINSUD) could also enlighten people about the perspective and needs of an employer.

Fon Nsoh: "In your cv - be very clear and honest: use only words that have the same meaning for the writer and the reader."

Fon Nsoh: “In your cv – be very clear and honest: use only words that have the same meaning for the writer and the reader.”

Youth day discussion panel

“Youth citizenship and the fight against insecurity for the Advent of an Emerging Cameroon” is the theme for the celebration of the 50thedition of the National Youth Day (11th of February) in Cameroon.

In view of this years celebration, COMINSUD commemorated this day through a panel discussion with youths. 32 youths (students from higher institutions, university graduates, employees and job seekers) identified the forms of insecurity which they face with job, social, health, political, economic, and environmental insecurities.

Brian Shuazieh (COMINSUD) empowers youth with his experience as a youth

Brian Shuazieh (COMINSUD) empowers youth with his experience as a youth

Brainstorming group proposing some measures to curb insecurity

Brainstorming group proposing some measures to curb insecurity

The participants exchanged ideas on how to fight the various forms of insecurity to first attain self sustainability and promote the emergence of the nation. With a strong determination for a change, these youths took pledges to create impact in their communities by taking actions and not talking only. They made pledges of being good future leaders by going entrepreneurial to create more jobs, attain self sustainability and enable the country to emerge.

Group picture at the end of the day

Group picture at the end of the day

Youth and Enterprise Development Workshop

In view of rising youth unemployment and the increasing lack of labour demand, promoting youth entrepreneurship can be a valuable additional strategy to create jobs and improve livelihoods and economic independence of young people.

Therefor COMINSUD organized a 2-days workshop (25./26.02.15) to:

  • Strengthen youths’ capacity in entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Encourage self-reliance through self-employment initiatives
  • Enable youths to gain knowledge on support programs for enterprise development offered by some key government services

After the information from the various delegations the participants presented their own business ideas. All of them were quite interesting and inspiring e.g.

  • creating a multipurpose girls empowerment center
  • opening a fast food business serving natural juice, tea, coffee and less fatty sandwiches
  • selling locally made slippers and employ at least 2 more youths
  • provide authentic and scientifically effective standardized herbal products

We look forward to start future activities with these ambitious people!


We thank our financial supporters of the workshop: Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union Limited (NTACCUL), Bamenda I council.

We thank also for the technical assistance the Regional Delegations of Youth affairs and civic education NWR,  Youth employment and vocational training NWR, Small and medium enterprises, social economy and handicrafts NWR as well as the National Employment Fund (NEF) and the  Regional Delegation of trade NWR.


COMINSUD has officially ended the National volunteer program that trained and engaged 15 youths in the northwest region to volunteer within specific structures and contribute to community development. The program ended on Monday the 31st of March 2014 with a final experience sharing meeting which brought together 13 of the initial 15 National volunteers and some line managers of volunteers host organizations. The initiative which lasted 5 months was promoted with financial support from VSO Cameroon.

The meeting was facilitated by the coordinator of the national volunteering program coordinator Bih Pascaline. In separate addresses presented by the representative of the VSO geographic manager and the coordinator of COMINSUD, they expressed gratitude to the host organizations for their support to the National volunteer program and to the national volunteers’ most of who have been retained in these organizations.

Mr. Fon Nsoh in a specific address to the national volunteers enumerated 3 guiding principles; Proper time management, focus and productivity which he said were the most essential factors for the volunteers to consider in their respective structures and beyond. The line managers and national volunteers also had the opportunity to share their experiences in the last 5 months. Line managers expressed the desire to have another similar program and also made some recommendations to ameliorate future projects. Making reference to day 3 of the training in November, Bih Pascaline asked the volunteers if their previous perceptions of volunteering were still the same after 5 months of engagement as volunteers: for most of them it was the same but for some, volunteering involved work and lots of challenges but from a general perspective the volunteers acknowledged that the process was rewarding.

The meeting ended with the award of certicificates to the national volunteers, presented by line managers to acknowledge their participation to community development.

The sum of 50000 Award of outstanding volunteer was handed to Mbah Sonita of Better World Cameroon to acknowledge her distinguished effort in the execution of her micro project ‘Allegnwi water catchment project’.


Fon Nsoh Coordinator of COMINSUD with Certificate of Appreciation


The Cameroon Academic Honour Roll Program (CAHRP) coordinated by The World Vision for Education and Development(WVED) works in collaboration with COMINSUD in upholding sustainable development in the domain of academics.

The (CAHRP) has as main objective recognizing achievements, encouraging participatory development, building responsible leadership and encouraging female students in sciences and mathematics.

During the 2012 edition, COMINSUD earned a certificate of Appreciation and flag for her many contributions and valiant efforts towards the realization of the 2012 (CAHRP) program.

The WVED Vision Bearer, Helvecia Takwe, in her opening address

The 2012 ceremony saw the award of 258 medals of excellence, victory, distinction, mathematics and science to outstanding students, ex-students and teachers in 20 secondary schools of Bamenda I, II and III sub divisions. Our Lady of Lourdes College Mankon earned the trophy for school with academic distinction. Celebrated under the theme “Education and Responsible Leadership” COMINSUD co realized this colorful event that earned more support from the Regional and Divisional Delegations of Secondary Education and other outstanding bodies.

The program developer Helvecia Nfombi Takwe expressed immense gratitude to COMINSUD for partaking in developing this lucrative program above all through the provision of office space and mentoring.

Regarding the level of appreciation and satisfaction generated by the program since 2001, some revisions were instituted such as the World Vision for Education and Development to ensure the smooth running and development of the program.

World Vision for Education and Development is an equal opportunity provider and subscribes to a policy of non discrimination with vision to put in place a solid structure that will reward and encourage excellence especially innovative ideas and use models to promote exchange on best practices of different cultural backgrounds.

Run by pace-setter academic models to foster future icons, the Cameroon Academic Honour Roll Program will soon spread to different schools all over Cameroon and is open to schools to participate as a measure to recognize academic excellence and promote participatory development in Cameroon.


Honour Day Speaker, Mr Tangyie Peter Suh, delivering his speech


Fon Nsoh Coordinator of COMINSUD and advisor to WVED