Winter work in Germany – experiences from Ewokolo

My workplace is called Hoffnungstaler Stiftung Lobetal which is a social welfare organisation. The organisation offers assistance and support for around 950 handicapped people in fully residential, semi-residential and ambulatory forms of accommodation.

At the beginning I was working at the handicap center of the organization. After the first month my program was adjusted so now I work both on the organic farm with cows and also in the handicap center. I do both because the first month I was at the handicap center it was surprisingly nice to be with these people and they are lovely.

I work on the organic farm with about 200 cows (pregnant cows and calves too). The main activities include feeding the cows (different food depending on the ages of the cows), cleaning the cow barn, assisting the pregnant cows with and after birth and milking.

2016-11_ewokolo01 2016-11_ewokolo02Since winter is coming, the work on the field is over for now but when winter is over and the planting season begins, I will join to work on the field (if possible begin learning how to drive a tractor!)

In the handicap center called Kapernaum Tagesförderbereich, the main activity is doing creative arts with materials like clay, wood, paper, glue, wool and plastic. We also sing together, bake cakes, take a walk and do sports together. It is really a good experience for me seeing how much people with disabilities can do with their hands.

written by Nangoh Ewokolo Nanyongo


The making of an article for a web site

To stay in contact with you, one of our more than 4000 annual visitors. COMINSUD did her second workshop on article writing. We believe that everybody who knows how to read and write can also write an article for a website! The most important is your to presence at the event you are writing about.

These articles are intended to keep you well informed about our activities. The training was followed by the five volunteers of COMINSUD.

Sharon, Della, Lucas, Gina and Durell discussing about headlines

Sharon, Della, Lucas, Gina and Durell discussing about headlines

At the end the volunteers had to start writing articles themselves. So keep on following us and find out how we (the volunteers) are coping with the new challenge!

written by Lucas Baeyens

My first 2 days as a volunteer at COMINSUD

I started my volunteer activities at COMINSUD on the 10th of November 2016. Upon my arrival I was welcomed by the coordinator for COMINSUD. I and the COMINSUD workers started the day by cleaning the offices of COMINSUD.This helps to portray the level of cleaning responsibility of the COMINSUD workers.

At about 9:30 am a meeting was organized cheered by Mr Bruno who briefed everybody about the agenda of the week and continued with an opening prayer from Ms Sharon. It was proceed by discussion about current event happening of the previous week such as president Biya’s 34th anniversary as president of Cameroon, the train derailment at Esseka that left more than 500 persons wounded and 70 deaths etc.

Both volunteers and COMINSUD workers also reported a summary of work done during the previous week in the domains like Ecokids project, report on privatization and environmental impacts on Ndu Cameroon, and the training of peace volunteers and everybody outlined his plan of work for the current week.

After the meeting, we received lectures on a COMINSUDs demonstration during the Global Handwashing Day. I was also briefed on how to start working on youth and business development. During my second day, were taught on how to write articles to be pasted on the COMINSUD’s website.

One can conclude that COMINSUD has also an objective of training its volunteers to become effective workers of NGO’S and agents for other developmental purposes.

written by Mokom Durell


COMINSUD welcomes her staff after one year fellowship program.

On Friday 23rd of September 2016, current Staff and Volunteers of COMINSUD organised a social event to welcome home her staff-Ngobesing Neh,who spent the last year from July 2015 to August 2016 as a volunteer under the weltwärts fellowship program organised by the Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). During this year,she was based at the head office of Brot-fur-die-Welt protestant development service located in Berlin-Germany.


Prior to the social event The Coordinator on Behalf of the staff expressed delight and satisfaction to welcome Linda Back to the organisation.He used the opportunity to encourage interns and volunteers to make the most of the platform which COMINSUD as a human development center offers to young people to explore their full potential.


In her own words,Linda expressed delight to be back and thankfulness for opportunities which she has had to improve her potential.

“I feel delighted to be back to an amazing team,who wouldn’t be?.Of course it was interesting to be away for one year experiencing another culture and society but also it feels good coming back to a results oriented, focused team of young professionals who are passionate about their work and do it well. Working at brot-fur-die-welt protestant development service equipped me with incredible knowledge and tools and exposed me to the next level of development service.I hope to continue to share,learn,grow and above all to serve the communities with even more passion.



Welcome in COMINSUD

We warmly welcome our four new volunteers. Ewokolo, Raissa, Terence and Derrick will stay with us for one year and support COMINSUD in the areas of agriculture, administration, public relations, project implementation and business development.



COMINSUD in mourning

† 19.12.2015

† 19.12.2015

With great sadness we mourn the passing away of our friend and colleague Mrs Akwa Helendis.

She has worked for COMINSUD since January 2015 and was a big support in the administrative unit. She was also a true friend and adviser to her colleagues in the office. We really miss her.

May her soul rest in peace and may God grant the family the serenity to manage this distressed moment.



COMINSUD based International volunteer Michelle Hain has officially ended her volunteer activities in Cameroon. In the last four years, Michelle Hain VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas) international volunteer placed in COMINSUD served as process facilitator to the organization, and rendered incredible service to COMINSUD as a development organization and Cameroon as a Nation. As backbone of the more women in council’s project, Michelle masterminded the yellow ribbon campaign of more women in council’s and voices of 100 women in the North West Region. She has also made significant contributions in the organization in other projects such as the Democracy and empowerment of women (DEW), Young Women Leadership program, The National Volunteering Program (N.V.) amongst others.

   After four years of tremendous efforts and incredible sacrifices as a volunteer, Michelle Hain was recognized as an epitome of a true volunteer in a send forth dinner ceremony organized by COMINSUD, which brought together partner organization’s, collaborators, government officials and friends on the 24th of January 2014 at luminous hotel Bamenda. Speaking at the event Michelle underscored the need for communities to render services for national development and appreciated the hospitality of North westerners which has been instrumental in facilitating her years of service. She also remarked that she will miss Cameroon and will continue to render service to the country even while she is away.

The Board chair person of COMINSUD Mrs. Chambi Julie and The Coordinator Mr. Fon Nsoh in singular speeches appreciated the role of Michelle Hain and her contribution to the organization and lauded her incredible sense of service and volunteering.

Ngong Mirabel communication officer for COMINSUD presented the activities and output of Michelle’s four years of service to the organization.

 The occasion was also characterized by traditional dances, songs and an arts presentation by La liberte arts group.

It should be noted that prior to this event, COMINSUD had organized a send forth picnic at saddle hill ranch in Bafut sub-division for Michelle a gathering which brought together some staff and board members to enjoy last moments with her. There was a production of a memoire booklet characterized by loving words and appreciation messages, as well as another send forth gathering organized by COMINSUD National Volunteers for Michelle.