The amazing Mango tree!

Following the visit and handover of environmental educational materials by Anton Barske, Mayor of Gorinchem council Netherland, to some schools within  the Ecokids project, the boxes for the preservation of these materials was distributed  by some COMINSUD staff members to the various schools concerned in the presence of the Environmental club coordinators and


They were all amazed by the content of the boxes, but what caught their attention was the wooden ”Mango tree” with its fruits on which the expectations, action plans and guide for a school garden or environment were inscribed.

Teachers of the Presbytarian Primary School Mankon checking the handbook and the educational material.

Teachers of the Presbytarian Primary School Mankon checking the handbook and the educational material.

Linda Ngobesing from COMINSUD is discussing the usage of the ecokids box with teachers from the Baptist High School Mankon

Linda Ngobesing from COMINSUD is discussing the usage of the ecokids box with teachers from the Baptist High School Mankon

Basis information on women empowerment published

IWD-BookletOn accasion of the 104th International Womens Day, COMINSUD published a booklet informing around that important day. Inside the booklet there is also information on the “Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, 1995“. This conference ended up with the “Beijing Declaration” that promulgated a set of principles concerning the equality of men and women that is found inside the booklet in a simplified form.

The booklet also contains information of the COMINSUD campaign “Voices of 100 Women” that describes priority areas for action in the North West Region of Cameroon.

The booklet will be made available to the 25 Local Governance Center (LGCs) that have been established in the framework of the DEW Project. From there it shall be sold for 100 frs each to inform men and women in their area about important basis of the fight for the empowerment of women.

Round Table Conference in Comemoration of 2015 International Day of the Women

COMINSUD being an organisation that is equally concerned with issues
related to women organised this event bringing together women from media, health and educational institutions to identify the challenges they face in their various domains as well as in their homes and communities. They listed out reasons why women and girls face these challenges and finally ideas on how to address it in their various communities and professional domains.


Workshop on the role of Local Governance Centers (LGCs)

DEW Project: In February and March a series of sensitization workshops will take place. Out of 25 Local Governance Centers (LGCs) there are some whose capacity still seems to be low. 15-02-27_02The first workshop took place on the 26./27.02.2015 in Santa. The members of the LGC Santa were informed on the origin of the DEW project and the role and responsiblities of an LGC. The revised “Local Governance Center Guide” (2015 edition) has been distributed amongst the LGC members. Furthermore an introduction to the LGC focus areas (promoting respect of Human Rights, promoting good governance practices, promoting the empowerment of women and girl children) was given by the facilitätors of COMINSUD. For all the topics case studies have been elaborated. The next step for the LGC Santa is now to develop their own action plan for 2015, and for COMINSUD to accompany closely these activities.


Participants of the LGC workshop in Santa


Youth and Enterprise Development Workshop

In view of rising youth unemployment and the increasing lack of labour demand, promoting youth entrepreneurship can be a valuable additional strategy to create jobs and improve livelihoods and economic independence of young people.

Therefor COMINSUD organized a 2-days workshop (25./26.02.15) to:

  • Strengthen youths’ capacity in entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Encourage self-reliance through self-employment initiatives
  • Enable youths to gain knowledge on support programs for enterprise development offered by some key government services

After the information from the various delegations the participants presented their own business ideas. All of them were quite interesting and inspiring e.g.

  • creating a multipurpose girls empowerment center
  • opening a fast food business serving natural juice, tea, coffee and less fatty sandwiches
  • selling locally made slippers and employ at least 2 more youths
  • provide authentic and scientifically effective standardized herbal products

We look forward to start future activities with these ambitious people!


We thank our financial supporters of the workshop: Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union Limited (NTACCUL), Bamenda I council.

We thank also for the technical assistance the Regional Delegations of Youth affairs and civic education NWR,  Youth employment and vocational training NWR, Small and medium enterprises, social economy and handicrafts NWR as well as the National Employment Fund (NEF) and the  Regional Delegation of trade NWR.

Presentation of position paper on land reforms

COMINSUD is member of the civil society working groupon the on-going land reform in Cameroon. This group was established as one of the organs of the “National Engagement Strategy on Land governance in Cameroon” (NES), and is made up of nine independent experts and representatives of civil society organisations (CSOs), networks and platforms who have valuable experiences on land policy issues.

15-02-27The working group presented the “Position Paper on land reforms in Cameroon” on the 23./24.02.2015 in Yaounde to the Prime Ministers Office, to the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development (MINEP), to the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF), to the Ministry of Economy, Planning and regional Development and to the  Ministry of Land Tenure (MINCAF).

Introduction into the Civil Peace Service in the North West Region

Since 2014 COMINSUD is a new partner in the Civil Peace Service (CPS). CPS is a personnel service for peace and civil conflict transformation agreed between the German ministry of economic development and cooperation (BMZ) and civil society and churches in Germany.

To inform about this Programme a 2-days workshop took place from 19th – 20th February 2015 in COMINSUD’s office.

Participants, ressource persons and facilitators

Participants, ressource persons and facilitators

An important part of the workshop was an assessment of the conflict management situation in the North West Region. Over 30 hot conflict zones were reported already during the workshop. The participants presented their own approaches used so far to deal with the conlicts and were introduced to the context of peace building.

Discussing about the history of a smple conflict

Discussing about the history of a smple conflict

One of the participants is presenting the group work

One of the participants is presenting the group work