Our team

fonnsoh Fon Nsoh
He is a founding member and presently as Coordinator of COMINSUD. He holds a B.A in Geography and post graduate Diploma in Education/Geography. He is highly engaged in civil society organization’s activities with a broad perspective in development issues and a strong drive for the attainment of organizational goals.

Maja Maja Müller
She is an agric engineer and technician in agricultural computer science. She has 15 years of experience in planning and implementation of projects in rural development, counseling of organizations and small enterprises in Germany, Russia, France and Cameroon. With us she is responsible for the civil peace service, capacity development, and change management.

brian Shuazieh Brian
Brian is the Administrator and Accountant of COMINSUD. He holds a post graduate Diploma in Financial Management. In his position he overlooks the project implementation and is responsible for process facilitation.

Linda Ngobesing Linda
She has a background in communications. In 2015/17 participated in the wetlwärts program of Germany and had the opportunity to learn  and work for one year in the Bread for the World headquarter in Berlin. She works with us as communication officer and is also responsible for the Ecokids poject..

bruno Ambe Michel Bruno C.
Bruno holds a Masters Degree in Political Science with specialization in Public Administration and Development Studies.  He has served at COMINSUD in fields such as local governance, municipal planning, social inclusion of minority groups and water governance.  He has contributed to over 4000 inhabitants having access to safe drinking water and clean toilets in the Far North Region.

Ijang Ijang Sandong
Ijang has a degree in Women and Gender Studies combined with Sociology and Anthropology. She has 4 years of experience in community development, and the facilitation of participatory processes in rural communities. She is a COMINSUD trained “Peace Volunteer”. Ijang also has a passion to work in health projects especially those ones related to HIV/AIDS.

lucasLucas is a volunteer coming from Belgium. He holds a B.A. In psychology and he’s studying International Cooperation North South. Lucas is here because of the co-operation we have with the University College Leuven Limburg. During he’s stay at COMINSUD Lucas will do some research. This research has two purposes. On the one hand it should help COMINSUD to get better insight into the subject. On the other hand it should give him a better understanding in the Cameroonian culture which is the main goal for his internship.

durell Mokom Durell
He has a first degree in Economics and a Masters in Monetary eonomics and banking. He has more than 2 year professional experience with microfinance and insurance companies. He volunteers for us to know more about environmental protection, youths and entrepreneurship development and women empowerment. He is also interested to know how the hygiene and sanitation situation in the cameroonian society can be reinforced.

ChristabelNeh Ndeh Ekeriam Christabel
She is a holder of the Higher National Diploma in Journalism and Media. She was selected as a volunteer for the North-South Component of the “weltwärts” programm. Presently she is for a one year intership in Germany.

ewokoloNangoh Ewokolo Nanyongo
She has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering as well as a background in Project Management and Agriculture. She was selected as a volunteer for the North-South Component of the “weltwärts” programm. Presently she works for a one year in Hoffnungstaler Stiftung Lobetal in Germany.


Former team members:

terenceChe Terence Nfongeh
He has a degree in Agriculture with a specialization on crop production. Terence works with us as a volunteer. He is engaged in the Ecokids project, but also supporting other initiatives and projects. He wants to develop his skills of interaction with people in the outside world and in rural development.

walterWalter Tima
He has a testimonial on mechanic specialized in Caterpillars. For 5 years he repaired caterpillars, then he started to work as a driver. Before he joined COMINSUD, he drove for several international and national NGOs and companies, for individuals and he also worked as a school bus driver. With us he is responsible for the cars, but is also helping to prepare workshops, maintaining the office premises and runs little errands.

derrickBanadzem Derick Sangnyuy
He has a degree in Political Science, spezialised in International relations and strategic studies. He wants to enrich his capacity in community development, in the ares of water and sanitation. He is also strongly interested in promoting peace in communities.


clarisClaris Azah
Claris has a degree in Banking and Finance and equally holds a diploma in accounting software. she works as an assistant administrative officer and has the passion of providing a good financial updates of COMINSUD  to make sure that their financial situation is of standards. She is equally a patronizer of youth and their activities to enhance changes among them.