Management board

julieMrs. Chambi Julie, Chairperson

She is a founding member of the organisation. She is a Holder of a B A in Geography  and works with the Bamenda City Council Mezam Division.


Mrfonnsoh. Fon Nsoh, Coordinator

He is a founding member and presently as Coordinator of COMINSUD. He holds a B.A in Geography and post graduate Diploma in Education/Geography.


christianMr. Christian Ndeh Fon, General Secretary

Christian Ndeh Fon  is a founding member. He is holder of B. A. in English Modern Letters. He works with the Cameroon Postal Services (CAMPOST).


mercyMrs. Fru Mercy Arango, Financial Manager

She is a founding member. Holder of B. Sc. in Livestock production and works with the Divisional Delegation of Lifestock and Fisheries MEZAM North West.


Mr. Khen Wilson

He holds a professional degree in agricultural engineering. Currently he works as a development consultant.


Mr.Chi Zephyrinus
Zephyrinus  holds a professional degree in agricultural economics and joined the organisation in 1998. He is an Agronomist with much experience in agric extension, agric productions and productivity, trade/market prospection and trade promotion. He works with the ministry of trade in Yaounde.