About us

We are an organization committed to stimulating changes within communities that leads to improvement of quality of  life for all people.

We are an organisation that is innovative, forward thinking and remain sensitive to changing times.

We are an organisation that upholds strong ethical values, transparency, accountability and participation with respect to rights.

COMINSUD has many unique contributions to development in Cameroon. Through our activities, we monitor and facilitate linkages between the communities in the North West Region and the government authorities. We do assessments on quality service delivery, and lobby, advocate and solicit for improvements in service delivery.

COMINSUD is smart at picking up and leading others in promoting reflections and local actions on contemporary development issues. The COMINSUD team is hardworking innovative, initiating and visionary. Over 65% of the work done is the result of a strong internal reflection and strategy development capacity.

COMINSUD serves as the soul and motor for Civil Society work especially in the North West Region of Cameroon. We pride ourselves at being a training ground for young graduates looking for work experience, as well as being sought out for our experience and services.