Introduction of EBAFOSA to Civil Society Organizations in the NWR

Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly (EBAFOSA) is a continental framework that advocates a culture of Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA) towards the attainment of food security, sustainable agriculture, ecological productivity, as well as job creation, poverty reduction, value addition, and sustainable industrial development in Africa

EBAFOSA is the first Pan-African policy framework that provides a platform for all stakeholders including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to develop and adopt policy solutions to promote EBA driven agricultural approaches which are essential for climate change resilience, ecosystems productivity, agriculture and food security. Through this platform, EBAFOSA sets to foster partnerships through branch formation in each African country including Cameroon.

The first regional information sharing and planning meeting held on Friday, 19th February 2016 with 18 participants from 16 organizations in the Mezam, Boyo and Ngoketunjia Divisions at the COMINSUD Hall. This meeting had as objective to share information on EBAFOSA as well as establishing a regional bureau.


Ambe Bruno (COMINSUD) encourages participants to show interest within the platform so as to represent the Region well at the upcoming National Launch.

From a presentation on the content of EBAFOSA, it was worth highlighting the vision, mission, objectives and benefits to CSOs.

A food secured Africa with sustainable ecosystems.

To provide a framework for ecosystem based adaptation that ensures food security in Africa.


  • To promote environmentally friendly approaches to food production
  • To promote value addition for all EBA products by efficient technologies
  • To develop a regional monitoring and evaluation instrument on EBA

Benefits of EBAFOSA to CSOs

  • Provides a platform through which their mandate can be delivered at a broader scale, hence benefit more people
  • facilitates continental peer learning in techniques, approaches etc. for country NGOs from counterparts across the continent
  • fostering of technical capacity building for local NGOs through interactions with diverse stakeholders and especially research institutions, and the private sector

Mrs. Yeloma Ruth, an EBAFOSA member who attended the meeting in Yaounde on the visit of the Continental Coordinator to Cameroon on the 19th December 2015 shared some feedback from the meeting. Some key discussions went around the type of crops having proven added value, which could be cultivated in the North West Region apart from maize and cassava and also, using efficient techniques to upscale EBA driven agriculture in the  North West Region (NWR).


An North West Regional EBAFOSA regional bureau was established with five executive members from different organizations whose duties commenced instantly.

Conclusively, participants were encouraged to continue carrying out awareness raising and for more organizations and individuals to jump on the EBAFOSA train.


Representatives from 16 organizations in Mezam, Boyo and Ngoketunjia Divisions get knowledge on EBAFOSA.

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