Capacity Development for the implementation of Human Rights

COMINSUD’s Ambe Michel Bruno C. attended a capacity building workshop in the Human Rights and Governance sectors on Planning, Monitoring and Denunciation within the framework of COMINSUD’s position as the North West Regional Coordinator of RECODH.

This workshop, which took place from 19th to 22nd January 2016 in Mbalmayo, was the first national concertation activity geared towards ushering in a new partnership between RECODH and AGEH within the framework of the 3 year project titled: “Capacity Development with RECODH and its Member Organisations for better Accompanying the Populations in enjoying their Rights”. This project is part and parcel of the Civil Peace Service by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

COMINSUD joined 15 other participants (Regional Coordinators and the National Coordination) for the training that enabled the network and their organizations to better participate in the development of the 2016 Action Plan of RECODH at the National, Regional and Divisional levels. Participants were drilled and introduced to the planning tool “ROMA” (Result Oriented Management).

Group Work Exercise on Development of 2016 Action  Plans

Group Work Exercise on Development of 2016 Action Plans

This workshop and AGEH’s support will enable COMINSUD as the Regional Coordinator to effectively link and collaborate with other Civil Society Organizations involved in the protection and defense of human rights in the North West Region (NWR). Through this partnership, RECODH and COMINSUD will be accompanied to engage more effectively in constructive dialogues and influencing decision-making and practices related to human rights issues, and to engage with policy makers at the local level to improve the general environment for the local population in enjoying their rights.

Speaking shortly after the workshop, the Regional Coordinator for the Far North Region, Markeziah Ezechial, said that the training workshop was an important milestone in his work in Human Rights protection and defense and thanked AGEH for the opportunity.

On his part, the representative of COMINSUD said,

“The workshop has helped me; to get a better understanding of the tools and approaches used for monitoring of the implementation of fundamental human rights instruments at the local level; and to get the techniques used for systematic planning and evaluation. Now I am ready to infuse these newly acquired skills into our human rights work at COMINSUD”.

From February 1st, 2016, COMINSUD will join other regional focal points in putting in place the Divisional Focal Points of RECODH, paving way for what is considered will be a progressive and enriching step for the implantation of the network in the 34 councils in NWR.

Ambe Bruno (COMINSUD) presenting rights issues for the  North West

Ambe Bruno (COMINSUD) presenting rights issues for the North West