Commemorating Human Rights Day

COMINSUD joined the rest of the world in commemorating the Human Rights Day on the theme “Our rights, our freedoms, always”. We joined the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedom in an early morning walk to sensitize the population on the significance of the day. Later in the day, we did an exhibition of all what we have done in the domain of human rights.

Especially women were interested in knowing more about their reproductive rights. There are many cases where wives are forced to have as many children as possible and men refuse to do family planning. Women wanted to know how they can come to an agreement with their husbands without fighting over the number of children. One convincing argument they could use, is the financial implication but also the immense load on the wives who are the only caretakers of these children and beside they have to do all the farm work and household chores.

It was a interesting exchange which ended in documents and information sharing between participants.

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