Basis information on women empowerment published

IWD-BookletOn accasion of the 104th International Womens Day, COMINSUD published a booklet informing around that important day. Inside the booklet there is also information on the “Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, 1995“. This conference ended up with the “Beijing Declaration” that promulgated a set of principles concerning the equality of men and women that is found inside the booklet in a simplified form.

The booklet also contains information of the COMINSUD campaign “Voices of 100 Women” that describes priority areas for action in the North West Region of Cameroon.

The booklet will be made available to the 25 Local Governance Center (LGCs) that have been established in the framework of the DEW Project. From there it shall be sold for 100 frs each to inform men and women in their area about important basis of the fight for the empowerment of women.