COMINSUD has officially ended the National volunteer program that trained and engaged 15 youths in the northwest region to volunteer within specific structures and contribute to community development. The program ended on Monday the 31st of March 2014 with a final experience sharing meeting which brought together 13 of the initial 15 National volunteers and some line managers of volunteers host organizations. The initiative which lasted 5 months was promoted with financial support from VSO Cameroon.

The meeting was facilitated by the coordinator of the national volunteering program coordinator Bih Pascaline. In separate addresses presented by the representative of the VSO geographic manager and the coordinator of COMINSUD, they expressed gratitude to the host organizations for their support to the National volunteer program and to the national volunteers’ most of who have been retained in these organizations.

Mr. Fon Nsoh in a specific address to the national volunteers enumerated 3 guiding principles; Proper time management, focus and productivity which he said were the most essential factors for the volunteers to consider in their respective structures and beyond. The line managers and national volunteers also had the opportunity to share their experiences in the last 5 months. Line managers expressed the desire to have another similar program and also made some recommendations to ameliorate future projects. Making reference to day 3 of the training in November, Bih Pascaline asked the volunteers if their previous perceptions of volunteering were still the same after 5 months of engagement as volunteers: for most of them it was the same but for some, volunteering involved work and lots of challenges but from a general perspective the volunteers acknowledged that the process was rewarding.

The meeting ended with the award of certicificates to the national volunteers, presented by line managers to acknowledge their participation to community development.

The sum of 50000 Award of outstanding volunteer was handed to Mbah Sonita of Better World Cameroon to acknowledge her distinguished effort in the execution of her micro project ‘Allegnwi water catchment project’.

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Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINSUD) is an organisation dedicated to sustainable development in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. COMINSUDs main office is located in Ntarinkon but she works throughout the North West Region to improve the lives and livelihoods of Cameroonians. Focusing on projects and programs of democracy, women's empowerment and good governance, COMINSUD aims to work with rural communities towards a better and more sustainable future.