So, Women Let Your Voices be Heard and Let Your Actions Be Seen!

COMINSUD started an advocacy campaign on the International Women’s Day (IWD) 2012 which was extended to 2013 to raise awareness and increase the political confidence of women with the goal of increasing women participation in politics and to achieve the 30% quota of women participation set by major political parties. The symbolic “Yellow Ribbon Campaign” called on men and women to wear a yellow ribbon to “Support More Women in Councils” The final election results for the North West Region in 2013 had 285 women in councils (up from 179) and reaching 26% (up from 16%), 2 female mayors (the first for the region) and 4 parliamentarians (up from 1).After 2 years of advocacy for a quota of 30% women in councils in the Northwest region, there has been a significant and rewarding change with 26% of women now represented in councils in the northwest region , what is COMINSUD up to these women’s day 2014?

With respect to these results, COMINSUD is carrying out a ‘Thank You Campaign’ on the 8th of March 2014. Following commemorative activities towards women’s day 2014 COMINSUD has carried out a number of activities as an organisation and in collaboration with partners like the Delegation of Women Empowerment North West under the 2014 theme: challenges and achievements of the millennium development goals for women and girls. In a Round table forum organisation by the Delegation of Women Empowerment and partner organisations, reflecting on the theme, COMINSUD resource persons talked on Women in Leadership And Participation In Politics pointing out the achievement, challenges bringing our recommendations on achieving more in this domain in conformity to MDG3 that calls of gender equality and empowerment of women. COMINSUD participated on a radio talk on the CRTV Highlands morning show on Tuesday the 4th of March 2014 wherein the Coordinator of COMINSUD appreciated and underscored the significance of what has been achieved so far towards attaining the MDGs. He equally highlighted some challenges with significant recommendations for a way forward. This year women in leadership and those who have been elected into office have been challenged to work towards realising positive change in their communities, and by this open more doors for more women in future elections and more leadership positions.

This year  2014, as the international women’s day is being celebrated under the theme ‘challenges’ and achievements of the millennium development goals for women and girls’, COMINSUD in this forum appreciates partners, collaborators and  the public for Supporting More Women in Councils.

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Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINSUD) is an organisation dedicated to sustainable development in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. COMINSUDs main office is located in Ntarinkon but she works throughout the North West Region to improve the lives and livelihoods of Cameroonians. Focusing on projects and programs of democracy, women's empowerment and good governance, COMINSUD aims to work with rural communities towards a better and more sustainable future.