COMINSUD and CAMORIF join environmental stakeholders in activities marking the 2013 World Environment Day

Within the framework of the 2013 World Environment Day commemorated under the theme ‘Think. Eat. Save’, COMINSUD and CAMORIF together with the Network of Environmental Stakeholders in Cameroon (NEST CAM) in collaboration with the North West Regional Delegation of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development carried out activities geared at raising awareness on the theme of the celebration.
Focus was placed on raising awareness in the North West Region on the need to reduce food waste and particularly reducing food loss in households and markets. This was built on the fact that while in every year 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted in the world, more than 20,000 children under the age of 5 die daily from hunger. It is in this light that COMINSUD and CAMORIF carried out a mini campaign on the need to reduce food loss and the paramount importance in eating locally grown food rich in nutritional value, good for the health, saves money and builds the local economy and the environment.
To ensure the success of this mini campaign, COMINSUD did produce 2000 flyers with sponsor which aimed at stimulating discussions on the effects of peoples feeding habits on the environment, the local economy, their health and in creating waste. Emphasis therefore was put on encouraging community members in to eat less processed and processed food and grow their own food, vegetables and fruits with manure and avoiding the use of fertilizers as food grown with chemicals results to a lot of damage to the soil, water and biodiversity.
Awareness raising on the 4th of June was done in caravan in Bamenda, covered by the state television, encouraging the eating of locally grown food and educative talks were done in the Bamenda food market and the Nkwen market with the distribution of the flyers produced as these markets are areas marked with a high level of food loss and had among them farmers who needed to be encouraged to do composting and use local manure in crop cultivation

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