Ready to Stand

Forty women in the North West Region have been trained to boast their political confidence and capacity in view of the 2013 Parliamentary and Municipal elections in Cameroon. On the 26th and 27th of March 2013, these women were trained on topics such as networking, visibility Inside the party, campaigning skills and women working strategically together. Nominated by their political parties, participants were of the main political parties in the region; the CPDM and SDF. They included Deputy Mayors, Councilors, campaign managers and others intending to stand as candidates in next elections.

This training was sponsored by VSO and delivered by COMINSUD with the assistance of VSO volunteer to COMINSUD. In previous months COMINSUD has delivered this training to 406 other women in the region sponsored by UN Women and   the British high Commission

These participants were reinforced with resourceful material including training manuals, simplified copies of the Electoral Code and work books to guide them on topics covered.

In the North West, the representation of women as councilors stands at 16 % with only one female parliamentarian seat out of 20 allocated for the region. Currently the two major political parties have set voluntary quotas for women of 30%. With knowledge gained from the  training, these women promised to prove their worth and to see that gender quotas are well designed and well implemented for more development in their communities.

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Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINSUD) is an organisation dedicated to sustainable development in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. COMINSUDs main office is located in Ntarinkon but she works throughout the North West Region to improve the lives and livelihoods of Cameroonians. Focusing on projects and programs of democracy, women's empowerment and good governance, COMINSUD aims to work with rural communities towards a better and more sustainable future.