COMINSUD with support from VSO Cameroon has completed step one of the project “Young Women Empowerment” on the 24th and 25th of January 2013. Conceived and run by 3 in house volunteers of COMINSUD, 63 female youths in Bafut and Bamenda II council areas have been equipped through the initiative with knowledge and skills on local governance activities, project management along side developing their leadership capacities.

Their awareness was raised on issues of under representation, inadequate active youth engagement and the need for community volunteering. The workshops brought together Young women between the ages of 20-30 from the community, church groups and volunteers from Civil Society Organizations

This initiative enhanced the skills of national volunteers on developing and implementing projects with community volunteers and youths while strengthening their abilities in facilitation, project development and community mobilization.

With the knowledge gained, participants proposed action plans to intervene in areas such as school toilet sanitation, waste manage, helping disabled and vulnerable persons in their communities.

LOGONET community volunteers have been engaged in an early stage to ensure continuous coaching of these young women toward the realisation of their proposed initiatives along side other issues in community life.

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Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINSUD) is an organisation dedicated to sustainable development in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. COMINSUDs main office is located in Ntarinkon but she works throughout the North West Region to improve the lives and livelihoods of Cameroonians. Focusing on projects and programs of democracy, women's empowerment and good governance, COMINSUD aims to work with rural communities towards a better and more sustainable future.