COMINSUD has embarked on contributing to local governance practices in a bid to increase the number of persons who registered and effectively vote in the 2013 elections.This initiative has been realized in collaboration with Counterpart International.

In view of this COMINSUD has identified Community Education Sensitization agents from her existing local governance centres composed of Community volunteers from, Batibo, Widikum, Ndu, Nkambe, Wum, Benakuma, Bali, Bamenda II, Belo, Njinikom, Fundong  and Bafut.

200 community Education Sensitization agents have been trained and deployed to carry out sensitization in groups. Supported with 10.000 flyers 800 posters accompanied by 100 guides to the Voters game that illustrates the power of number in voting while providing the public with materials to read and share. The first phase was on The Importance of Elections and the Right of citizens to Register and Vote while the next phase dwells on The Biometric Process of Registration and Essential Elements of the Electoral Code guiding voters

Six Community radio stations have been leveraged for mass sensitization with contracts established with these community radio stations. The radio stations broadcast the messages on the sensitization materials in local languages and deepened the sensitization process by reaching at least 25000 community members in each community. The sensitization carried out by the community radio stations is aimed at reinforcing group sensitization and also reaching others who are not covered by sensitization in Agents, while also stimulating discussions and awareness on voting.

In the previous phase, a series of follow up visits were made to the targeted council areas to monitor and evaluate the sensitization process. The evaluation visits clearly showed that the sensitization covered cross-sections of communities with the sensitization agents reaching out to a broad range of religious houses, religious groups and sociocultural associations. 692 groups were sensitized, giving a total of 56,160 citizens effectively sensitized in the 6 council areas

In the present phase COMINUD has educated citizens on the Biometric Process of voter registration and the essential elements in the Electoral code guiding voters.  In this phase, 631 groups have been reached sensitizing a total 39974 people in other six communities.

COMINSUD together with USAID, GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY STRENGTHENING, and FREEDOM HOUSE AND COUNTERPART INTERNATIONAL under the banner of this program are reinforcing local community network for democracy and local governance that will continue to press for improvement in the democratic and electoral process in different spheres either as election observers, media houses or the civil society organisations.

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Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINSUD) is an organisation dedicated to sustainable development in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. COMINSUDs main office is located in Ntarinkon but she works throughout the North West Region to improve the lives and livelihoods of Cameroonians. Focusing on projects and programs of democracy, women's empowerment and good governance, COMINSUD aims to work with rural communities towards a better and more sustainable future.